Paper Cranes and 7 Ways To Use Them In Your Wedding!

Paper cranes have grown in popularity as an addition to wedding decor perhaps due to their symbolism.  Since Ancient China, the crane bird has and continues to represent eternal happiness and youth.  Who wouldn’t want that as part of their wedding day?!  As themes are starting to disappear, we are seeing more couples focusing on achieving an overall feeling for their special day rather than sticking to a certain color scheme or played out theme.  Blending different ideas, cultures, decor and hands on elements is a great way to make your wedding represent who you are as a couple!

Here are 7 fantastic and beautiful ways to incorporate paper cranes into your wedding decor.

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A few paper cranes over the centerpieces or an extravagant crane chandelier!





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The perfect place card display!

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A stunning back drop!


Use love stories!


Pretty paper from the craft store for a vibrant look!

To Beard or Not To Beard?!

All this rain is causing me to go mad! I’m entering uncharted territory and discussing the sensitive topic of wedding day facial hair. Weather you know it or not, we are smack dab in the middle of the “lumbersexual” era. That was a weird word to type! Sort of an urban mountain man or a hipster with a perfectly groomed overgrown beard! Now, I have to admit that I am a little biased on this subject because my husband has quite the beard and while I was not impressed for a long time, it is starting to grow on me and I prefer it now! Facial hair has always been a no-no with brides as an option for their grooms to sport on wedding day. Well, lucky for those grooms that refuse to lose the manly beard, they don’t have to anymore!

Is facial hair appropriate for the wedding day especially bushy beards and mustaches? I say absolutely!! And I don’t say yes because I think that it is hot hot hot! I am a firm believer in letting your man be himself on your wedding day. It is no different than the advice that we give brides to look your best normal self as possible on wedding day. Meaning, if you usually wear your hair down, don’t opt for a tight updo. Rather, go for a full, wavy curl with maybe a beautiful hair clip or flower. Same goes for your groom. If he has had a beard or light facial hair since you have been dating, don’t make him shave his face bald for the big day. If I have learned anything in my eight years of marriage, it is that my husband’s personal style and facial hair is his manhood and the only thing he has full control over!

So, to beard or not to beard? That is the question…

Enjoy ladies and you’re welcome!

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Farm To Table Wedding At It’s Finest!

Organic, local, farm to table, call it what you will but it is all the craze!  I like to think of it as a movement that needed to happen.  If a bride came to me and wanted to execute a full on farm to table wedding, I would be beyond excited!  Our surroundings can quite possibly be our best inspiration for a wedding.  After all, what is better than the natural elements around you coming together to make up your special day?

If you are thinking of doing a farm to table inspired wedding, here are some great ideas that will help you do it from start to finish!

Enjoy and happy planning!


Finding elements from your resources be it the farm you get married on or maybe one that you have access to is the perfect way to create that perfect centerpiece or cute artisan cheese baskets to go on each table.


Using recycled paper and stationary products for your invitations will set the tone for your organic day!

Photo Provided by Jessamyn Harris


Try these individually packaged vegetables and herbs for your guests to plant.  It is a sure way for them to always remember your wedding day!  A beautiful grass fed organically raised filet topped with a fig and wine reduction and paired with an asparagus bundle will wow your guests!


Artichokes always make a beautiful centerpiece and conversation starter!


Going with a family style set up versus the traditional round tables will make your guests feel like they are eating with you at your house!


Yum!  Try using food that is in season like this beautiful beet and heirloom tomato salad topped with pecans and a locally sourced goat cheese!



Moonshine favors…yes PLEASE!!!!!


LOVE these adorable little welcome baskets to have ready for your guests when they arrive for your wedding!