Five Fun Photos to Take with Your Bridesmaids

I think most of us can agree that photography is very important on your wedding day.  You want pictures you can look back on for years to come and although you need the posed photographs it is always fun to think of some creative shots to take.  The majority of your wedding day will be spent with your bridesmaids and you want to make sure your photographs capture not only your faces but your personalities!  Here are five fun pictures that we think every bride should have of her and her maids.

Most of your wedding day will consist of you and your girls getting ready and I love capturing the casual moments before the ceremony begins.  How cute is this photo with all of the girls laying down in a circle and capturing a closeup of their faces?

Photo provided by Confetti Day Dreams

You can even propose a toast with all of your girls while you are getting ready and capture the moment.  I love how they are all wearing the same thing!

Photo provided by WeddBook

My favorite idea for pictures is to have your bridesmaids take a picture with how they first met you! LOVE this!

Photo provided by Bridal Guide

Don’t forget about the details!  Make sure you get a picture of your fabulous shoes or all of your hair!

Photo provided by
Photo provided by Bridal Guide

Use props! Be silly and have fun with your girls to lighten the mood before the ceremony.  Consider balloons, parasols, photo booth props, etc to take pictures with.

Photo provided by Zooppa

What is your favorite shot?  Do you have any other must have pictures with your bridesmaids?

We want to know!