Invitation Wedding Ornament

Merry Christmas!

If you are like me, you are struggling with finding the right gift for all of your friends and family.   Well, I  couldn’t wait to share this great gift idea that I saw on a past Glendalough Manor brides’ Pinterest board!   This simple do it yourself Christmas ornament is the perfect gift for someone who recently got married and the best part is that you make it!   Everyone knows that some of the best gifts are handmade!

This ornament is made from the couples wedding invitation!  All you have to do is take their wedding invitation and cut it in to thin strips.  Curl it around a pencil so the paper strips form curls.  Then  put the strips of paper in to a glass ornament.

I love the idea of finding a charm that matches their colors, theme or maybe just their personality to tie on the top of the ornament.  Finish the ornament with some ribbon in their wedding colors and you have created a beautiful, memorable ornament for the happily married couple!

If you don’t know anyone that recently got married you can use this same idea and use a baby shower invitation or graduation inviation….with almost any occasion and an invitation you can create an incredible keepsake for them to hang on their tree for years to come.

If you decide to make this for someone you know we would love to hear about it!


Wearing Flats on Your Wedding Day

After planning hundreds of weddings I have come to the conclusion….

That every bride needs a good pair of flats to wear on her wedding day!

 So many brides on their wedding day end up complaning about how bad their feet hurt and are begging for pictures end so they can kick off their high heeled shoes!  Trust me, no matter how expensive the high heeled shoes are they will eventually hurt your feet.  If you invest in a pair of flats you won’t have to worry…after the ceremony you can throw on a fabulous pair of flats and dance the night away.

Brides are even wearing flats for their ceremony!  Depending on the dress, the location, or maybe even your height:) high heeled shoes may not be prcatical for you so flats are your best option!

Flats are becoming very popular for brides and there are finally tons ofstyles to choose from. Here are some popular styles brides are wearing!

You can even choose to have your “something blue” be your wedding flats…

 Or you can rock some colored chucks under your dress!


 And lastly, I love the idea of wearing something for a great cause..Toms!

 If you are wearing flats on your wedding day we would love to hear about it!


Color Is In: Wedding Dress Trends 2012

All over the bridal fashion runways a new trend has emerged in wedding gowns…color!

 If you are getting married in 2012 you are sure to see dresses in a variety of colors. These colors include blush pink, gray, and green.  Some gowns are even red or black!

 Of course this is not for every bride…a traditional bride will still want a white or ivory dress but for those girls that want something different a colored dress may be perfect for you.

When choosing a colored dress you will still want to keep in mind the season you are getting married in and choose your dress from that color palette.  Blush colors are perfect for spring and summer while grays, black and red wedding gowns are better suited for the fall and winter.

While you are out dress shopping I would at least try a colored dress on….you never know it may be the perfect dress for you!  If you have chosen a colored dress for your wedding we would love to hear all about it!