Makeup Trends for 2012

Choosing your wedding makeup is a big decision that is sometimes overlooked. With all the time you spend on choosing the dress, hair, shoes and accessories you don’t want to forget about one of the biggest accessories; your makeup.

Whether you decide to have a friend do your makeup or hire a professional makeup artist make sure to have a “trial run” to test out different looks.  I would suggest taking pictures of the makeup looks and then deciding which look you like best. Chances are if it looks good in your photographs it will look fantastic with professional photography.

Below are some of the hottest looks for 2012!

Bold Lips:

A beautiful red lip is timeless! Just make sure to pair it with a nude lid and cheek and don’t forget the black liner and lashes!

Red lipstick is tricky so I would go to your local makeup counter you can try on different lipsticks to find the perfect shade.  Most makeup counters with a small purchase will even give you a mini makeover.  What better way to try on a different look without having to purchase everything?

Smoky Eye:

To me, the smoky eye will always be a trend I love.  Of course gray shadows in various shades and black liner can create this look.  If you decide on a smoky eye choose a more neutral shade of lipstick so you don’t look overdone.

Kim Kardashian always does a really beautiful and dramatic smoky eye.  It may be too much for every day but is a great look for a wedding!

 Don’t be afraid of using color to create a smoky eye! And don’t forget the false eye lashes!

Flawless and Natural:

If you normally don’t wear a lot of makeup, I wouldn’t choose a look that you will not be comfortable with.  Even though you want a more natural look you can still find makeup that will highlight your features.

Just because you want a more natural look it doesn’t mean you have to wear brown eyeshadow. How gorgeous is this green shadow?

Berry, Berry Gorgeous:

Berry shades look great on most skin tones and give you a very romantic look. Pair it with a soft berry or peach lip and cheek to finish the look.

Which look do you like best?