Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Part 2

I love the idea of asking your friends to be a bridesmaid in your wedding in a unique way!  Being a bridesmaid takes up not only time but also money.  Why not put a little extra effort in to letting your girls know how much you care for them and how much you want them to be a part of your special day?

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There are so many cute ideas out there and I have found a few more that I couldn’t wait to share with you.  A simple idea is to send a card.  You can make it fun by giving them a Mad Libs or a crossword puzzle to fill in!

Photo provided by Etsy
Photo provided by Etsy

A great DIY idea is to take a ring box and put the scrabble letter “B” inside with the word bridesmaid behind it.  Too cute!

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Another fun idea is to have a towel with the phrase “Will you be my…” hanging on a “bridesmaid”  hanger.  Not only is this a cute idea but they can also use the hanger on the day of the wedding for their bridesmaid dresses!

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A handkerchief or a bag filled with a piece of jewelry with the words “Will you be my bridesmaid?” are also great ways to ask your girls.

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Photo provided by Etsy

Giving a personalized gift is always a thoughtful way to ask. My favorite idea is to put together a box filled with some of your favorite items or things that they can wear or use on the day of the wedding.  Also including pictures of the two of you or ideas you have for the wedding is a nice touch!

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Don’t forget about the guys!  I am in love with the idea of taking their favorite beer and replacing the label with a customized one reading “Dude, will you be my groomsmen?” How awesome is that idea?

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Check out the Part 1 blog for more ways to ask your friends to be in your wedding!

What idea is your favorite? We want to know!

Happy Planning!