Wedding Inspired iPhone Cases!

After you get engaged you want to tell the whole world you are officially a bride.  Sometimes the ring on your finger just isn’t enough.   A fun and creative way to enjoy being a bride is to accessorize your iPhone. How adorable are these iPhone cases with the cutest wedding sayings?  They are sure to let everyone who see’s your phone know you are engaged!

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iPhone cases are also a great gift for you and your bridal party!

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If you want an iPhone case that you can carry long after the wedding look at getting an iPhone case with your new initials and you can even add your wedding date.  This would also make a great gift for your bridal party and customize with their initials.

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These days iPhones are our best friend, so shouldn’t your best friend get to wear something fabulous on your wedding day too?  I love this jeweled iPhone case made to match your wedding dress!

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After the wedding you can use one of your wedding photos to let everyone know your new “married” status.

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Do you love these iPhone cases as much as we do?

Which one is your favorite?

Bridesmaids: Not “Maid” of Money

I was researching topics for the blog and came across an article at Daily Infographic that made my jaw drop.  We all know that being a bridesmaid was expensive but I guess I never sat down to try and figure out exactly how expensive it was.  The Daily Infographic estimates that bridesmaids spend around $1,695 just to be in a wedding!  This is especially true if you live out of town and have travel expenses.


I tried to come up with a few ways that you as the bride may be able to help ease the financial obligation.

One way to help with costs is to choose an affordable bridesmaid dress. There are so many ways brides can choose inexpensive dresses.  Some brides are asking their maids to wear a simple little black dress. Many of them will probably already have a dress they can wear in their closet! Or you can go to a site like BridesMaid Trade or Rent the Runway and rent (or buy) gently used dresses!

If your bridesmaids live out of town, only make them travel once other than the wedding.  You can always plan the bachelorette party on a Friday and your wedding shower on Sunday (maybe a day in between to recuperate!;))

Buy your bridesmaids accessories to wear on the wedding day as bridesmaids gifts.  This way they can wear them on the wedding day as well as after the wedding and it helps keeps their costs down!

Ask your bridesmaids in lieu of engagement, shower,and wedding gifts to be a part of your wedding instead.  These multiple gifts can add up and I am sure you would rather your friend be in your wedding than get you a set of china.  I know I would!!

We hope these suggestions have helped!

If you know of more ways brides can help ease the bridesmaid budget, please let us know!

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Charitable Ways to Give Back at Your Wedding

Are you looking for ways to give back but unsure how?  Well, why not use your wedding as a time to help others?   I have provided a list of some of my favorite ways you can give back and I think you will be surprised at how easy and simple it is to help others in need.

I wanted to share an amazing organization called the I Do Foundation that helps brides give back in a chic and unique way.  One of the easiest ways you can give back is to create a gift registry on their website. This wedding registry will allow guests to shop for your favorite items at stores like Macy’s and Target and other partnered stores who will donate a percentage of every sale to your selected charity.

Or you can ask guests in lieu of gifts to donate directly to a charity of your choice directly through a charity registry on the I Do Foundation website.

A new and creative way to give back is to give your bridal attendants TheGiveNow card which is a gift card that they are able to donate to the charity of their choice!

Brides Against Breast Cancer is a fund raising event to raise money for programs for cancer patients and their families. You can donate gently used wedding gowns or if you haven’t found your wedding dress you can buy one of these gowns to contribute to the cause.  Brides Against Breast Cancer will be selling gowns in Atlanta from April 13-15th.  Check website for more information.

Or you can donate your dress to Brides Across America. They are a charitable organization that helps unite military brides and bridal salons in an effort to support our troops and their families.  Thanks Catina, a Glendalough Manor bride, for giving me this info!

Your bridesmaids can even get in on giving back by donating their dresses, shoes, jewelry to Donate My Dress to help give teens free dresses and accessories for Prom to those who cannot afford them.

You can also donate your leftover food and flowers after the wedding. There are many local rescue organizations that could benefit from leftover food. Also, it is nice to bring flowers to local nursing homes or assisted living communities.

Another great way to make an impact is to find a local service project in your area and have guests donate their time in lieu of gifts for your bridal shower. You can even plan a service project on your honeymoon.  Go to Just Give to find opportunities in your area.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to give back in some way.  If you have a creative way to give back we would love to hear about it.

Happy Planning!