Mantilla Veils are Back for 2013!

Vintage clothing never goes out of fashion! Although it may evolve and change over the years, vintage styles are the base from where all inspiration and fashion come from. In weddings, this is especially true.  One of my favorite vintage styles making a comeback in 2013 is the mantilla.  Take a look at Grace Kelly wearing a mantilla veil on her wedding day in 1956!

Photo provided by EMagzin

Mantillas are Spanish style veils.  What makes these veils stand out is that the are made from one piece of circular cut fabric.  There is no gathering at the top like a traditional veil and are made to lay flat against the top of the head.

Photo provided by June Bug Weddings

Many of these veils are accented with lace around the edges and can be made with or without a blusher over the face.

Photo provided by Marry Me Weddings
Photo provided by Just Wenderful
Photo provided by Top Today Hairstyle

Mantilla veils can come in a variety of lengths from shoulder to chapel length and are a perfect choice for showing off the back of an intricate wedding dress!

Photo provided by Wedding Bee

Here is a look at a very modern mantilla!

Photo provided by Martian and Company

You can even choose to modernize your mantilla by adding gems and crystals. Who needs jewelry with a veil like this? Stunning!

Photo provided by My Wedding


What do you think about mantillas?  Would you wear one with your wedding dress?

We want to know!