Stop Motion Wedding Videos

Are you looking for something different to capture your wedding day? It’s not video and its not photography, it’s stop motion!  If you haven’t heard of this type of video, you are probably not alone.  Stop motion is an animation technique where you take a series of pictures and put them together to show movement (think claymation but with pictures).  This type of video is growing extremely popular for weddings and there are many ways to use stop motion video to remember your wedding day!

Consider creating a stop motion video to send as a save the date.

What about a wedding invitation in stop motion?  This can be such a creative way to inform guests about all the details of the wedding.

One of the most popular ways to use stop motion lately is taking wedding photography and creating a stop motion short film. These short films are a creative and fun way to capture the wedding day and are super enjoyable to watch.

What do you think of stop motion videos?  Love or hate?

Happy Planning!