Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses

Convertible dresses are dresses that can be worn many different ways (halter, crisscross, off the shoulder, one shoulder, etc.) and are the new “perfect” choice for bridesmaids to wear in 2012!

Picking bridesmaids dresses is never an easy job.  Many times you are trying to pick one dress that flatters all of your girls’ body types and comes in a color that compliments your wedding….almost impossible (or it may feel that way)!  Convertible dresses are a great way to give your bridesmaids a little choice in what they wear by being able to choose the tie that they like and also makes it easier for you to choose a dress!

Two Birds has amazing bridesmaid dresses that can be tied 15 different ways and are available in 4 different lengths. These dresses are a little pricey ranging from $270-310 but it is such a versatile dress that there is no doubt in my mind that they can wear it again.  Depending on the style of dress, they come in up to 20 different colors and can even be two-toned (top one color and the bottom another).

The Dessy Group also offers a convertible dress starting at $140 and can be either short or long, tied 7 different ways and can come in up to 28 different colors.

I love the fact that your bridesmaids can now wear a more conservative tie for the ceremony and then spice it up for the reception.  You can let your bridesmaids choose how they want to wear their dress so they feel comfortable wearing the tie that not only flatters their body but they feel confident in.

What do you think about these convertible dresses?

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Second Wedding Dresses; Perfect Party Dresses for the Bride

After the ceremony so many brides are changing from their traditional wedding dresses in to short, fun and flirty party dresses.  I love this new trend for so many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that you can party the night away dancing!  By choosing a second wedding dress you don’t have to stress over choosing a traditional dress for the ceremony that might constrict you from busting those moves later in the evening. You can also be free to greet your guests without the worry that someone will step on that beautiful train you wanted.

My favorite reason to have a dress change is to show off those awesome shoes! If you decide not to change, no one will ever really get to see them!

One of the things that guests talk about most after a wedding is how the bride looked.  Changing in to a second dress is sure to surprise your guests and keep them talking all night long.  There are no set rules to choosing a second wedding dress.  Just choose something that is fun and makes you feel beautiful!

Vintage dresses are always in style and I love these 50’s inspired dresses!

If you really want to make a statement wear a colored dress…you will definitely have all eyes on you in this vintage red dress!

Have fun with the veils and hair accessories! This is a party so make sure your dress and accessories fit the style and type of reception you want to have.

No matter the style or length of your party dress as long as you love it your guests will too!


Summer Wedding Colors: Yellow!

Yellow is the new favorite color for summer weddings.  Yellow is such a happy color and what couldn’t be a more happy occasion than a wedding?  Yellow is great by itself but also a wonderful complimentary color.  Pair it with almost any other color in the color spectrum and you have the perfect wedding colors  for summer.  I have listed some of the hottest color combinations that include yellow for summer 2012.

Yellow and teal is one of the newest pairings and it so surprisingly beautiful together.  It reminds me of a nautical themed wedding but with a new modern twist by using teal instead of navy.

Another beautiful color combination is yellow and gray.  Using gray and yellow as your wedding colors gives off a modern and sophisticated feel. Many brides only want to use yellow for an afternoon wedding but pairing it with gray is a perfect color pairing for an evening wedding as well as an afternoon wedding.

If you like yellow and gray for an evening wedding, you may love yellow and black.   Done correctly black at a wedding will always give a formal feel but pairing it with yellow softens the black and gives it a lighter summer feel.  If you decide to use yellow and black I would suggest pairing it with a patterned black damask or print to give it some texture and depth.

I can not forget to include yellow and green. This is such a classic pairing and is a beautiful match for an outside wedding.  Using yellow and green will give off a very organic and earthy feel to the event. Using fruit like lemons and limes to decorate your guest tables is also a great way to save a little money on centerpieces…especially if you create the centerpieces yourself!

I hope you have like all the yellow inspired weddings!  Are you having a yellow wedding?  We would love to hear what you think of these color combinations!

Happy Planning!