Must See…Easy and Affordable Wedding Videos!

Have you ever seen an idea and wished you thought of it?  Well this idea is that for me!!

As a wedding planner, I hear brides all the time say they wish they had money in their budget for a videographer.  I usually encourage them to find someone with a video camera to record the ceremony (if nothing else).  I truly believe that video is such an awesome way to relive your wedding day.  Pictures tell a beautiful story but listening and watching a video of the two of you saying your vows is priceless.

Well, the innovative company WedIt has made it easy and affordable to not only get video at your wedding but have it edited!

For $499 WedIt will send you 5 handheld HD cameras three days before your wedding weekend.  Give them to trusted guests at your wedding to take video throughout the ceremony and reception.  After the wedding you just send the cameras back and WedIt edits the footage in to an awesome video!!! How cool is that?  You also get one year of hosting and a digital download of all of the raw and finished videos!  So worth it!!

I think it would be a great idea to save two for your Maid of Honor and Best Man to capture moments of both you and your fiance throughout the day.  You will probably get more candid and real moments than a videographer can get!

I am in love with this concept.  Obviously, if you have the budget you will get a more finished and clean video with a professional but it is a great alternative to many brides that don’t have $2000 to spend on a videographer.

Check out some of their sample videos at and let us know what you think! If you would like to learn more about WedIt or order your cameras go to

Happy Planning!