Trend Alert: Cardigans

Choosing a wedding or bridesmaid dress for a Fall wedding can be a little tricky.  Especially in the South you never know how cold the weather will be and it can be difficult finding a bridal gown or a bridesmaid dress with sleeves.  A Fall trend I love is to wear a cardigan instead of wearing a shawl or a jacket to keep you warm.  Cardigans come in many different styles and are lightweight and comfortable.  Plus, unlike a matching jacket or shawl, they can be worn again!

Photo provided by The DLS Bride

If you like a particular bridesmaid dress but want each girl to look a little different try putting your girls in colorful cardigans.

Photo provided by Gather Together Events
Photo provided by Sparkles and Shoes

Another twist on the same dress is to pair with the same color cardigan but different styles for each girl.

Photo provided by We Are Home Sweet Home

Or have girls pick their own dresses in the same color and pair with a colorful cardigan.

Photo provided by Cherry Blossom and Faerie Wings

My favorite idea is to take a plain dress and pair it with a patterned cardigan like below.

Photo provided by Lori Caroline

Brides are also joining in on this cardigan trend! Love the pop of color!

Photo provided by Groom Sold Separately

What do you think of this cardigan trend?  Should brides join this trend or do you think it’s better for bridesmaids?

We want to know your thoughts!