Top 5 Affordable and Practical Bridesmaid Gifts

Many brides struggle in deciding what gifts to get for their bridesmaids.  You want something that will show how much you appreciate all they have done for you and how much you care for them.  I think some of the best bridesmaids gifts are the ones that are unique and heartfelt.  You also want something they can use or wear again in the future.  I have listed below my top five practical and affordable bridesmaid gifts!

What girl doesn’t like a good bag?  Some brides are even choosing to forgo the traditional bridesmaid bouquet and have their girls walk down with a beautiful clutch.  Accent the clutches to make them a little different and not only do they have a clutch for the wedding but a purse they can use later!

Instead of putting all of your gifts in a paper bag, why not get a tote for your girls to have?  That way they can carry all of their things in it on the day of the wedding and have a great bag to use in the future!

Giving jewelry will never go out of style! My advice is to look for unique pieces.  Etsy is a great place to find handmade jewelry you can’t find in many places.  I also love the idea of getting each one personalized with their initial or name.  How fun are these name rings?

My favorite piece of jewelry has to be a locket.  It’s a great place to write a heartfelt note or poem to your girls!!

When you think of a traditional bridesmaid gift you may not think of art.  I saw this idea to have a painting done of each girl and fell in love with this idea.  You can’t get more unique and fun than this.  Plus, it makes some very cool pictures!!

Being a bridesmaid can be hard work!! I love the idea of giving them a spa certificate to use after the wedding.  You can even use a suitcase to pack up a bridesmaid survival kit  with emergency items and include the spa certificate in the suitcase!

Another great idea is to get your girls a beautiful robe to wear on the day of the wedding.  Not only does it look great for pictures but is something they can use again!

What are you giving your bridesmaids?  Do you have any unique ideas I haven’t listed here?

We would love to hear about them!

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Bridesmaids: Not “Maid” of Money

I was researching topics for the blog and came across an article at Daily Infographic that made my jaw drop.  We all know that being a bridesmaid was expensive but I guess I never sat down to try and figure out exactly how expensive it was.  The Daily Infographic estimates that bridesmaids spend around $1,695 just to be in a wedding!  This is especially true if you live out of town and have travel expenses.


I tried to come up with a few ways that you as the bride may be able to help ease the financial obligation.

One way to help with costs is to choose an affordable bridesmaid dress. There are so many ways brides can choose inexpensive dresses.  Some brides are asking their maids to wear a simple little black dress. Many of them will probably already have a dress they can wear in their closet! Or you can go to a site like BridesMaid Trade or Rent the Runway and rent (or buy) gently used dresses!

If your bridesmaids live out of town, only make them travel once other than the wedding.  You can always plan the bachelorette party on a Friday and your wedding shower on Sunday (maybe a day in between to recuperate!;))

Buy your bridesmaids accessories to wear on the wedding day as bridesmaids gifts.  This way they can wear them on the wedding day as well as after the wedding and it helps keeps their costs down!

Ask your bridesmaids in lieu of engagement, shower,and wedding gifts to be a part of your wedding instead.  These multiple gifts can add up and I am sure you would rather your friend be in your wedding than get you a set of china.  I know I would!!

We hope these suggestions have helped!

If you know of more ways brides can help ease the bridesmaid budget, please let us know!

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Ways to Ask Your Friends to be Bridesmaids!

Gone are the days of asking your friends to be a bridesmaid over the phone or asking via text message! We want to give you a few fun ways to ask your friends and family to share in your special day.  With a little time and creativity you can come up with your own way of asking your girls to be in your wedding.

Here are a few ideas to help you…

Take a few pictures of yourself holding letters and words that say “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” then put them together to make a cute card to send them!

Do you remember making these cut out cards when you were in school?  Well this is the same thing, with a twist.  Put their names on the “girls” and include this in an envelope with some great stationary asking them to be your bridesmaid!

I thought this was so great!  Use pictures of your bridesmaids to make a card and leave a blank picture in the middle with the words “Without You in the Wedding Something Would Be Missing….Will You Be My Bridesmaid? ” Love it!!

Find a cute bridesmaid frame (or make one yourself) with a picture of you and your future bridesmaid.  Use letter stickers to stick on the picture asking them to be in your wedding!

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine to ask your friends to be a bridesmaid!

This is my favorite idea yet!!   Take a wooden box, this is a cigar box, and paint the box in one of your wedding colors. Put the words  “Will You….” on the outside of the box and on the inside put “Be My Maid?” In the inside you can put lots of fun things inside to give your bridesmaids an idea of what type of wedding you are going to have.  You can include things like paint swatches to show them your wedding colors,  a few inspiration pictures of dresses you would like them to wear. I found this adorable do-it-yourself project on  Rinse. Repeat to learn how to do this yourself!

I hope all of these ideas have inspired you to come up with your own way of asking your bridesmaids.  We would love to hear about how you asked your bridesmaids!

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