Chevron Wedding Cakes

I am in love with everything Chevron!  The Chevron pattern, similar to a zig-zag pattern,  is being used everywhere in home design and now showing up in weddings for 2012! From stationary and programs to being the design for wedding cakes, the chevron pattern is a modern, fun design that looks great in any color.  I like the idea of incorporating the chevron pattern in little ways in to a wedding.  The cake is a great place to use the chevron to add dimension or to add a splash of color!  Here are some great examples of wedding cakes that have the chevron design!

Many brides are choosing a white or ivory base for the cake color and adding a chevron pattern to only one layer and embellishing with fondant flowers.  Simple yet modern design!

If you are looking to have a cake with more color and design I like the idea of using thicker tiers with multiple colors used in the chevron pattern.

Or you can use a different pattern on each tier (swiss dots, chevron, ruffles, etc.) like below!

How beautiful is this ombre and chevron patterned cake?

Charm City Cakes recently made a cake using the chevron pattern that is absolutely stunning. I love the use of color and pattern on each tier!

We would love to hear your thoughts on these chevron wedding cakes!  Are you using a chevron pattern at your wedding?

We want to hear about it!

Happy Planning!

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Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

In 2012 you will see many new trends. One of the most beautiful trends has to be hand painted wedding cakes!  These wedding cakes look like works of art and almost look too good to eat…almost ;).   These hand painted cakes can reflect your theme, the time of year (summer, fall, etc) or even be made to resemble your invitations and stationary. Below are some examples of these jaw dropping cakes!

Some of these cakes almost look like stained glass in a church…just exquisite!

The theme of your event can be accented in the hand painted details of your wedding cake such as this amazing cultural wedding cake below.

Using your wedding colors in a bold way on the cake makes a huge statement.

I love using the fondant flowers as an accent and painting them to match the cake!

You can even choose to use your wedding flowers and colors as the sole inspiration for the cake design.

No matter the design you choose these hand painted cakes are guaranteed to impress!

Happy Planning!