Chevron Wedding Details

You may already know of my love for chevron anything (home decor, fashion and now weddings) from my previous blog about chevron cakes but I wanted to share how easily you can incorporate chevron details in to your wedding.  What I love most about the chevron pattern is how versatile it is.  It looks great at a casual affair or an elegant, formal wedding.

I hate to repeat myself, but I truly believe the best weddings don’t forget about the details.  Using splashes of the chevron pattern in the details will give a modern look to any color palette.

When using chevron details don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns to compliment each other.  The texture of the different materials and patterns can make for an interesting and beautiful tablescape.

One of the easiest ways to use chevron for your tables is to add a chevron napkin or table runner!

Look how modern, yet simple these tables can look by just adding a chevron patterned table runner!

Wedding stationary is a great way to incorporate the chevron pattern. Chevron looks great on invitations, programs and place cards. You can also use the same stationary to decorate your guest favors.

Some grooms are even wearing chevron bow-ties, ties or pocket squares!

Brides are even joining in and wrapping their bridal bouquet in the same chevron pattern to match their groom!

What do you think about chevron wedding details?  Tell us what you think!

Happy Planning!

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Chevron Wedding Cakes

I am in love with everything Chevron!  The Chevron pattern, similar to a zig-zag pattern,  is being used everywhere in home design and now showing up in weddings for 2012! From stationary and programs to being the design for wedding cakes, the chevron pattern is a modern, fun design that looks great in any color.  I like the idea of incorporating the chevron pattern in little ways in to a wedding.  The cake is a great place to use the chevron to add dimension or to add a splash of color!  Here are some great examples of wedding cakes that have the chevron design!

Many brides are choosing a white or ivory base for the cake color and adding a chevron pattern to only one layer and embellishing with fondant flowers.  Simple yet modern design!

If you are looking to have a cake with more color and design I like the idea of using thicker tiers with multiple colors used in the chevron pattern.

Or you can use a different pattern on each tier (swiss dots, chevron, ruffles, etc.) like below!

How beautiful is this ombre and chevron patterned cake?

Charm City Cakes recently made a cake using the chevron pattern that is absolutely stunning. I love the use of color and pattern on each tier!

We would love to hear your thoughts on these chevron wedding cakes!  Are you using a chevron pattern at your wedding?

We want to hear about it!

Happy Planning!

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